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About Moody Portraits Lightroom Mobile Preset


  • This preset is excellent for outdoor and indoor portraits.
  • Adds mood to your portraits.
  • Adds a vibrant look to your photos.
  • For best results use it on similar images that we have used.
  • Get this preset by a simple click on the ‘Download’ button.



PRO TIP: Move the Exposure Slider from left to right and vice-versa to adjust the brightness of your photos.

Moody Portraits Lightroom Mobile Preset

₹49.90 Regular Price
₹0.50Sale Price
  • How to Install DNG Presets in Lightroom Mobile

    This method works with both Android as well as iOS devices. So, before we proceed make sure you have downloaded the Lightroom Mobile app.

    Step 1: Once you have downloaded the DNG Preset on your smartphone, simply launch the Lightroom mobile app.

    Step 2: Now add the DNG file to Lightroom by tapping on the (+)plus icon. Select the DNG preset and tap on the three-dotted menu(⋮) located at the top right corner.

    Step 3: A drawer with a set of new options will popup where you can either create and save this preset or you can copy settings. If you create a preset then you can find it under user presets and if you have copied the settings then you can simply paste it to other images.

    Step 4: Once you have copied the settings, select an image that you want to edit using the preset. Again tap on Menu(⋮) and click on Paste Settings.

    Step 5: Now adjust the exposure values, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, temperature, tint, hue, saturation, and vibrancy as per your requirements. Once satisfied with the results, tap on Menu(⋮) and press Save to Device to save your image.

    Done. This is how you can install DNG Presets in Lightroom Mobile App.

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