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Singapore Changi Airport Transit Visa Free ?

Recently i'm travelling from China to india through Singapore Airlines and transit through Singapore. First i'm sharing my transit experience in Singapore Chnagi Airport.

The airport comprises four terminals and Jewel Changi, a ten-storey lifestyle hub that seamlessly links to Terminals 1, 2 and 3, and fuses artistry, architecture and nature into a single structure.

If your transit time more that's not issue you can stay in airport Visa free for 96hr and there is lots of Hotels and Restaurants and Shopping mall in Airport. And there's lots of activities so you don't need to worry about time.

You can find lounges here which you can use easily with you Selected Visa Card. And also transit hotels available so you can rest and relax yourself.

Changi Airport have free Wifi so you have no problem with connectivity world and your beloved ones.

And last you have no issues with payments and currency Because in Singapore you can use Gpay for payment or you can use your International Card and Credit Card here. You need to just on your International transaction.

Indian nationals transiting through Singapore's Changi International Airport need a standard Singapore visa if they plan to leave the transit area. Eligible Indians can avail of the Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF) that allows visa-free transit for up to 96 hours.

And if you have different terminals then you can take sky trains easily in every 3min and it take only 4-5min to change terminals so if you have only 30-45 min you can easily change terminals there's no any issues.

I'm not explaining lot more because other information already on website i'm telling you here only some most common Questions and Doubts.

For Singapore Visa you can apply through Online by yourself or you can contact any agency for visa. You can get Singapore visa easily within 10-15 days.

If any questions or confusion you can ask me here or any our social media platforms.

Feel free to reach me.

Here attached map for this 👉🏻

Any other Information all posted in Singapore Changi Airport Official Website

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